Bach Flower Sleep Remedies

Sleep disorders can be a thing of the past

Insomnia affects every part of your life. While a good night's sleep gives you energy and a positive outlook, sleep deprivation can turn you into a walking zombie. Sleep disorders are said to be one of the major causes of on-the-job accidents and lack of productivity. Insomnia also affects your relationships with friends and loved ones.

Now you can banish your sleep problems - safely

Natural Sleep Remedies

Feel Bach Sweet Dreams blends are the natural insomnia treatments that will rebalance your energies and allow you to get a good night's sleep. Because Feel Bach! flower essences are homeopathic remedies for insomnia, you'll awake refreshed - not groggy. You'll experience none of sleeping pills' side effects.

Feel Bach! flower essences are 100% safe for everyone: Babies, pregnant or nursing mothers, the elderly, and the infirm. They can be used with any and all homeopathic or prescription medications with no danger of drug interactions.

It doesn't matter if you have trouble falling asleep or if you're waking up at night and can't fall back asleep, the flower essences will help you relax and allow yourself this time of rest. They'll let you "turn off the switches" and leave past problems, today's concerns and tomorrow's challenges behind - naturally.

If you're waking because of night terrors, flower essences will go right to the root of the problem, and ease the inner turmoil and fears that haunt your sleep.

Each FeelBach! Sleep blend is created specifically to treat the root cause of your inability to get a good night's sleep. Each was created after decades of research, study, and treatment of people with similar sleep disorders. That's why, unlike sleeping pills you'll find in a drug store, we offer 4 distinct blends.

Sweet Dreams #1

Choose the blend that's right for you,
and then - Get a good night's sleep.

Sweet Dreams #1

Do you toss and turn and worry instead of getting into bed and falling asleep? Do you lay in bed thinking about unfinished work? Worse, do you use sleeping pills and suffer with a drugged, groggy feeling in the morning? Sweet Dreams #1 will help you release the day and drift off peacefully.

Sweet Dreams #2

Use Sweet Dreams #2 when your mind just won't shut down and let you sleep, when you can't relax enough to ignore the little noises of the night, or when you're worried about waking up on time in the morning. This blend will allow you to fully relax into a deep and restful sleep, so that you can wake refreshed and ready for a new day.

Sweet Dreams #3

Do thoughts of unhappy events control your night? Do you subconsciously worry about something that may happen, or re-live something that did happen? These inner fears can cause nightmares you are glad to waken from. Sweet Dreams #3 will release those thoughts and fears, allowing you to live in the present and sleep peacefully.

Sweet Dreams #4

Do you awaken long before you should each morning - in a hurry to get on with the day even if no pressing matters require an early start? Does your impatience, fear of missing something, or disdain for "wasting time" on sleep threaten to damage your health? If so, let Sweet Dreams #4 let you relax and enjoy the sleep your body needs.



Feel Good. Feel Bach!

Feel Good. Feel Bach!

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The choice is yours! Now you can choose from our general remedies, use our questionnaires to determine which formula you need today, choose specific essences recommended by your practitioner, or rely on your own study and experience to select the formula best for you.

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