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Feel Bach! flower remedies - bringing Nature's
balance and wellness to your life

Flower remedies are nature's way to gently and effectively heal our emotional maladies, which in turn often heals our physical bodies.

Sometimes called alternative health remedies, homeopathic remedies, or even home remedies, flower remedies prepared in accordance with the directions of Dr. Bach were used effectively long before "alternative health" became a mainstream topic.

Developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the early 1930's, flower essences help us to deal constructively with the negative emotions and behavior patterns that get in the way of our happiness. Dr. Bach also believed, and modern physicians are finally recognizing, that our mental state plays a vital role in our physical well-being and our ability to recover from illness and injury.

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Feel Bach! flower remedies work to rebalance our energies and relieve anxiety, sleep disorders, attention deficit disorder and ADHD, the effects of trauma, and many other maladies. Each of the 38 flower essences offers specific relief.

Why choose flower remedies from Feel Bach?

Because the effectiveness of our products is proven by the testimonials we receive and the repeat orders from our loyal customers. Feel Bach! has the individualized flower remedy practice in the world.

Because Feel Bach! offers you 4 ways to use flower remedies prepared in accordance with the directions of Dr. Bach, including pre-mixed formulas for common disorders and personal formulas created as a result of answering our comprehensive questionnaire.


Because only Feel Bach! brings you flower essences exactly as Dr. Bach formulated them. His years of study produced specific formulas, and we see no benefit in altering those formulas.

Feel 5ive - The Original Bach Formula

We at Feel Bach! believe that you deserve the original formula that Dr. Bach perfected. That's why Feel5ive, is made exactly as Dr. Bach created it- and preserved in brandy according to his original recipe.

Feel5ive works to bring instant anxiety relief to humans - and to pets. It's used extensively by animal rescuers, trainers, and natural health care practitioners. Feel Bach! also offers pre-mixed pet remedies for separation anxiety and fear of thunderstorms, as well as a pet questionnaire to aid in selecting the right combination of flower essences for your pet's specific emotional troubles.

We at Feel Bach! are confident that you'll be happy with our flower remedies and that they will bring about a noticeable, positive change in your life. In fact, we're so confident that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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Feel Bach! flower remedies - use them to
bring balance and wellness to your entire being.

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